Monday, June 30, 2008

#1 Fan

This post is dedicated to Tere, who is this blogs number one fan and who celebrated her birthday yesterday. We hope you had a terrific birthday and hope you see you real soon.


  1. Dear Meli,
    thanks for the dedicated thing. Your baby rocks I can't wait to see you guys .julia is so cute
    and i can,t wait to meet the famous Julia. right now i just am so excited to meet her seriously it's gonna be awesome. I seen all the pictures of her and she's so cute , and I really am your number one fan.
    Love, Tere

  2. Thanks Tere she is very excited to meet you too, especially cause we think she looks sooo much like you when you were a baby, plus you both are smilers!

  3. Spending the fourth of July AND grandpa's, Tere's and Sarah's birthdays at Chapis and Ceci's home. Tere opened Julia's blog so that we could see her latest pictures and doings. Oh, how she's growing - by leaps and bounds !!!! can't wait 'til August, and her Aunt Emma's wedding, so that we can see her in flesh and blood ! Besos, Grandma


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