Monday, July 7, 2008

First Words

W are very excited that Julia has spoken her first words.
She has opted to go the unconventional way and instead of mama or papa she says "enata", which is her way of saying Renata (our 1 and a half yr old neighbors name). As soon as Julia spots Renata during her morning strolls she goes nutty and starts yelling her name.
We believe this is the makings of a life long friendship because as soon as Renata sees Julita she herself screams gleefully "ahi ta Ulita!".
Julis has also incorporated to her vocabulary agua, pato (from the visits to the mountain) and an indiscriminate papa here and there. In any case, we are very happy to hear he babble her way through a day and look forward to more verbal discoveries.
Now for some pics of the weekend.

A moment with mom

On the see saw with dad

Flower power

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