Monday, July 28, 2008


Who needs teething rings when we have hard wood tables?

Cruising early in the morning (still wearing pjs..)



Too early for a walker? I do not think so!


  1. MELI i miss you and julia so much you rox it is awsome how you get her to pose like that its cool. Well i liked meting her and playing with her it was so fun. So and she looks so cute in the pool its so cute . And amazing because the first day of getting to meet her was perfect. cause i woke up went down the stairs and i saw her the famous julia. SHE WAS SLEEPING. She is so cute . So got to go have a great year LOVE TERE.

  2. Dear Tere
    It was really terrific to see you and Sarah and have you both meet Julia. She sends you kisses and hugs and we all look forward to seeign you again in a few weeks
    Love Meli


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