Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had some special visitors this weekend from Panama and Miami, with whom we very much enjoyed spending time with.
Julia with her great grandma Yolibu and Sarah.

Goofing around with Tere

We also took Julia to her first swimming lesson which was certainly fun for Julia; but more so, I suspect, for Tito who thoroughly loved the experience.

A short video of her first minutes in the water prior to the class (modeling sporty swim suit compliments of Tia Judy)

And a short video of the last minutes in the water after her class.

Finally here is Julia in a pool of balls, this time during Sergio´s 1st birthday party yesterday.


  1. ¡que bellas! que bellas bellas están todas. Pero claro que la más bella es la chiquitita.

    un beso,

  2. Esta bella como su nombre: Julia Valentina!

    Besos de su tia abuela de Paris,

    Nela Canela


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