Monday, December 14, 2009

Early Xmas

Este fin de semana celebramos Navidad en Costa Rica
Julia lo gozó en paleta y nos abrió los regalos a todos, eso sí, entregandolo a su respectivo dueño una vez que los abria.

En las gradas con Tia Nena y Pili (su inseparable bebé) esperando abrir los regalos

Jugando con su little pony

En la píscina que le regalo tia Nena

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Primera Vacacion Here we Come!

La semana pasada salio Julia de vacaciones, tenia ya 4 meses de estar asisitiendo al Montessori y a lo largo de esos 4 meses experimentó primeras veces muy importantes. Por primera vez tuvo un mundo independiente al de su mamá y papá, por primera vez tuvo que compartir la atención de un care taker, por primera vez tuvo que defenderse sola y por primera vez construyo relaciones sin supervisión.
Han sido 4 meses dificiles en ocasiones, pero gratificantes al final del camino y como no podia faltar: aca algunas fotos que documentan su insercion al mundo independiente.

Y ahora a disfrutar de las primeras vacaciones!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Zoo Ave

Este fin de semana visitamos el zoologico nuevamente (no hay mucho que hacer aca con niños menores de 3 años je je). En esta ocasion la actividad favorita de Julia fue subirse y bajarse de las barandas.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Turning Two

Yesterday our little grasshopper turned two.
It was a terrific day, where I was reminded of how far we have all come since Nov 8 of 07 and of what a fun ride this has been so far.

 So here are a few pics of the celebration

Setting up for the party

She must have had like 10 marshmallows

Once she started eating them upside down we figured it was time to hold back a bit.

We made sure she would have a good 1/2 hour of playing with us in the inflatable before everybody arrived.

 We had chick, bunnies, a pig, calves, goats and two ponies, which most kids really enjoyed (some ran for their lives!).

Feeding one of the calves. Julis was not sure she wanted to get so close to her mouth.

The girls

Sharing Jello with abuelita Vera.

Julis! Julis! Julis!

There were two particularly enjoyable moments for her.
The first one was the inflatable when she first saw it (her face lit up like a candle)  and the second one was the birthday song. Loooooved it!

Having cake with the abuelitas.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


How fun is Halloween? Especially when you have a great costume directly imported from turkey by the grandparents
Check out our petite belly dancer.

Sitting next to spidey with an already purple mouth from a black lollipop

Most of the gang, it is hard to get them to sit all together.

Peter Pan (eyeballing Julis is this pic) was very impressed with Julis costume. Kept asking his mom to take a picture of him with the dancer and kept saying "que guapa la bailarina" he is 3!!!!  and I am dressing Julis as a witch next year (je je)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Un papa + su hija + 2 cajas llenas de herramientas = ....

Julia duerme en su cama hoy!!!

Mama, te queremos, nos hace falta (evidentemente nos aburrimos sin vos!!!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mechanical Services Anyone?

Inevitably Julis has turned her attention to getting Daddys gear in check before seeing him off with Memo on Saturdays.
Here are some pics of her walk around the Raptor

Front tire... check!

Back tires.. check!

Oh no! my nail!


Ok Daddy! All ready to go!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Amusement Park

This weekend we took Julis to the amusement park and she had a blast! As I suppose all children inevitably do.

This was the first ride she went on by herself and she loved it

This was more fun for dad than for Julis

Her first roller coaster ride, she was throwing her hands up in the air before the ride was over.

Dad took a run on it as well!

Spinning cups were a lot of fun too.

A classic always worth riding, especially at nite.

This was the mini roller coaster, no parental supervision required and there she is with her hands up int he air.
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