Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fin de semana con mucho que hacer!

A proposito del evento de celebracion por el retiro de la abuela de PwC, este fin de semana estuvo la gran mayoria de la familia por aca.

Algunas fotos para compartir los momentos al respecto.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend

This weekend we had two important celebrations. The first one was Tia Nenas 34th birth day which we celebrated with some good company, yummy food and a delicious cake

Julia cannot believe her eyes! Look at that thing!

Helping Tia Nena blow out the candles

On Sunday we celebrated Fathers Day at la MontaƱa and her Dad took her on field trip with the Abuelos.

Checking out the aggressive toucan who is picking at Grandmas umbrella

At the monkey habitat

Getting some traditional Costa Rican grub: tamal de elote

Monday, June 15, 2009

Excersising individuality

Julia has learned how to put on her laceless shoes and with that additional sign of independence she is starting to assert her individuality. Now she chooses which shoes to wear (say that three times fast!). Regrettably, most of the time she chooses these orange crocs that do not match most of her outfits but that she picked at the store.

The first time she put them on by herself.. backwards :)

As for theses weekend activities... we went to a bday party (I had to tell her her orange crocs were being washed je je so that I could get her in the white shoes)

Here she is with two very good friends Constanza and Renata

The clown asked her what kind of balloon she wanted and her dad promptly replied a motorcycle... the clown looked up at him and said if he was sure that was what she wanted or was it what he wanted? Needless to say she is holding a balloon doggy :P

Mesmerized by the clowns shenanigans


Here is dad the next day still attempting to get her into bikes...

She would rather stay home and paint ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Role Modeling

Juli normamlemtne nos pide sentarse en el escritorio para "trabajar" en la compu. La semana pasada le dio un twist a la actividad role modeling a su madre sacandose las cejas...
Aca el video

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