Friday, July 31, 2009

First Day @ Play School

This past Wednesday was Julias first day at pre school. We were so happy she had stayed without a whimper and when I picked her up at 11.30am she had just then started asking about us. We thought to ourselves this is a breeze we should have done it earlier... Famous last words, on Thursday Julis had been at school for an hour when we got a call to come get her! She had been crying and wanted to go home. Today she made it through one and a half hours before they had to call us to come in and get her. So it is not a breeze after all, but it is what we must do since Nani has been ill for a few weeks now with pneumonia and is still hospitalized (prayers welcomed)
We hope next week we will make some more progress.
In the meantime, here are some pics of the momentous event

The classroom

Monday, July 27, 2009

Extrafun weekend

This weekend we were lucky enough to enjoy the company of Adri, Sarah and Tere. We visited Inbio Park on Saturday and on Sunday we went Canopy and got launched off a platform for a 1km superman cable ride. We do not have pictures of the adventure since everyone's hands were busy holding on for dear life, but here are a few of our expedition on Saturday.

The gang

With Abuelita

Lovey Dovey

Ohh sooo pretty

Old McDonald had a farm.. and on this farm he had cool chicks!

Julis in wonderland

Establishing eye contact with Señor Rabbit

Pretty butterfly on pretty girls finger

Little hand in "Catch a butterfly"



Monday, July 13, 2009


Este fin de semana Tita (Emma) le mando a Juli un saludo en video. He aqui reaccion de como la tercera vez que lo vio. Dicho sea de paso acabo viendo el video como 6 veces, incluyendo una vez esta mañana :)

Transcript (pues el sonido no es muy bueno en esta version)...
Julis: Tita, Tita
Papa: Otra vez?
Julis: Si
Papa: Bueno otra vez
Tita en el video: Tita vive en Miami
Julis: Miami
Tita en el video: Un beso desde Miami
Julis: tira un beso suavecito
Julis: Tita
Papa: quieres llamar a Tita
Julis: Si
Julis: Tita, Tita

No podian faltar unas fotos del fin de semana que pasamos en la montaña con un clima de pelicula!

Antes de dormir leyendo un libro con papá

Paseando con papito

El fabuloso aterdecer

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th

Este fin de semana tuvimos el gusto de celebrar junto al Abuelo sus 88 años.
Aca algunas fotos de la celebracion y el fin de semana para el recuerdo.

Bis Abu abriendo regalitos

Yolibu looking stylish

Los caballeros del Golf

Tia Tia entreteniendo a los sugeros de la cuñada de Emma: Bill and Mary

Julis feliz de haberse encontrado una aceituna negra

Con sus primos, los hijos de Martita Garrido: Ana Raquel y Mauricio

Desayuno del Domingo mientras veiamos a Federer combatir con Roddick
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