Monday, November 9, 2009

Turning Two

Yesterday our little grasshopper turned two.
It was a terrific day, where I was reminded of how far we have all come since Nov 8 of 07 and of what a fun ride this has been so far.

 So here are a few pics of the celebration

Setting up for the party

She must have had like 10 marshmallows

Once she started eating them upside down we figured it was time to hold back a bit.

We made sure she would have a good 1/2 hour of playing with us in the inflatable before everybody arrived.

 We had chick, bunnies, a pig, calves, goats and two ponies, which most kids really enjoyed (some ran for their lives!).

Feeding one of the calves. Julis was not sure she wanted to get so close to her mouth.

The girls

Sharing Jello with abuelita Vera.

Julis! Julis! Julis!

There were two particularly enjoyable moments for her.
The first one was the inflatable when she first saw it (her face lit up like a candle)  and the second one was the birthday song. Loooooved it!

Having cake with the abuelitas.

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  1. Que bella reunión, Julis en panamá tienes un primo Juan Pablo Guardia que tambien tiene 2 años y que le gustara mucho conocerte!!


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