Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Potty Trainning

Julis is in full potty training mode and day time accidents are few (wohoooo). Here is a picture of her on the potty on a day she chose what to wear.

Gotta love the winter hat, pjs and rain boots combo.
Somehow kids can recognize and have fun with the absurd at a very early age.

We also went to the first party of the year, which Julis was very eager to attend.
I have never seen a kid enjoy jumping so much.  I am kind of wishing she could base a profession on that... perhaps she could join a circus in Canada :)

Even Dad gets into the fun every now and then

There was aso some "art" this weekend as she painted an alligator puppet. It took her about 30 minutes but she would not leave until every inch of the alligator had some form of coloring on it.


  1. A circus in Canada?!? Too far away. Yippee for potty training. Changing poop was a low light of my parenting for me. Congratulations Julis!

    Bises, Tia Deni

  2. Oh, forgot to comment on the fact that she takes her doll to the potty. Lol!


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