Monday, January 25, 2010

Small Miracle

This weekend we put Julis fine motor skills to the test. Renata, her 3 year old next door neighbor (and overall hero), got a set of beads for necklaces and we were invited to play with them.  This of course is a really tough taks (given the size of the beads...soooo tiny!) so I assumed she would become uninterested quickly and eventually start playing something else.  Julis certainly proved me wrong.  Yeah it was tough, but she stuck to it and perservered through several beads, not enough to finish the piece, but certainly enough to make her momma burst with pride.
Ahh the little things...

Here are some pics documenting the small miracle and some other weekend activities.

The look of complete focus

Her hero turns out to be a terrific role model (whew!)

If you look real close you can see the tiny yellow bead between her fingers ;) 
I was floored when she put the first one in.  She was even happier...she would get up from her chair and do a little celebration dance every time she would put one in. I wish I had had a video camera. It was hilarious!

Introducing Renatas baby sister: Emma

Rolling on her training wheels

At the motorbike shop Tito frequents

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