Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Let’s face it: Clutter can be stressful and so spring cleaning is not only a chance to unload, but also a time for unearthing the wonderful haven beneath the dirt and clutter that can bring a new level of gratitude for all that you have. This spring season we started with Julias room and in a months time we should have the entire house in order.

And then, the circle of life will begin again and in 6 months time, we will have accumulated  STUFF which will have no place to BE... until next spring comes along and a  rightful place will be found for each thing and balance will renewed.

On Saturday we were invited to Fran Schiltzens home (a very dear childhood friend) to celebrate daughter Giulianna´s 5th and son Dereks 2nd birthday.  It was a pleasure!

Fran with Derek and Julia.

Hmmm cake moustache...

On Sunday we were invited to yet another party. My bosses kid Eduardo was turning 4.
Julis did not know anybody there but met some new people and had a really good time.

Jumping is as exciting as ever... still :)

Playing out many fathers fantasy...beating Barney senseless.

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