Sunday, April 25, 2010

Co-Sleeping, Dishes and Peace.

Sleeping with a small child in your marital bed (aka: co-sleeping, bed sharing, sleep sharing, etc) has been the topic of much discourse in parenting literature. It is said to:
  • Help prevent SIDS / Increase risk for SIDS
  • Promote security / Generate insecurity
  • Help kids sleep all through the night / Disrupt sleep patterns
  • Bring families together / Split couples apart
And on and on....
One thing is for sure, when Julis gets sick, as she did this weekend, her need for extra TLC coincides with my drive to pamper her silly, which inevitably results in ... TA DA!

It makes her happy to go to sleep with us and I dont have to get up from the bed every couple of hours (like the neurotic mom that I am) to check if she is breathing/has a fever/vomits/etc.

But Julis hacking cough and perma dripping nose was not the only malaise this weekend, there was also this hot/sticky/rainy weather which basically made us want to stay indoors all day today.

So having very little to do, we went about our morning in slow mo and in doing so awakened to the reality of seeing the divine in the mundane. 
As I watched Julis help with the dishes – without making the next to do list in my head or prodding her to “hurry up and get ready” or dancing to the to beat of a favortie song or face booking, I just paused and took it all in...

 The concentration on her face

 The smell of the lemon ginger soap filling the air

The dedication 

The unspoiled enjoyment doing the simplest tasks

 And the satisfaction of a job well done

Today Julis, you helped me discover there is beauty in simply washing the dishes and that there is peace in each of us, if we can be still and let it surface, for this I am grateful. 

I am also grateful you are feeling better, even it means no more co spleeping for now :P

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Julis: Your love of animals has always been apparent and I am always trying for some of my own apprehensions not be evident, hoping to avoid passing them on to you.  So it is always a relief when I see you get so excited to see a fury creature, how you want to get close, how you inquire about them and how protective you become. 

Now I cannot say you have always been as gentle with other children as you have been with animals; but it has been a very long time since last you raised your hand, bit or pushed another child. And now, seeing you “baby speak” to Emma, caress her face and worry when she cries is thoroughly encouraging.

Even if sometimes you do get a bit jealous when Mommy holds her too long and then you ask me to give her to Daddy for a little bit ;)

Lately, you have also been on the look out for anyone who may need help, like this morning, when you brought out your broom to help me clean up the dinning room floor, or last night, when you wanted to help Daddy & Memo put up the fan in our room. 

And I just love when I hear your little voice scream with glee “Yo te ayude mamita!” . 
Yes my love you do help. Thank You!

This weekend I noticed how kind you are becoming and today I am grateful for that.

Monday, April 12, 2010


As any parent knows, getting any amount of sharing out of a 2 year old is quite a challenge.  And it is no wonder, given that we are not the best examples of sharing there is:
[reprimanding] Julis don´t touch Daddy's I Pod
[alarm] No no no not the computer!
[disapproving frown] Julis that is Mommy's jewelry and we don´t play with Mommy´s jewelry
[apologetic] Sorry sweetie can´t share my food it has hot sauce on it
[warning]  You can´t have wine, coffee, coke, etc , it is not for little kids
and on, and on, and on....

Still and somewhat miraculously, they do learn 

and it warms my heart so, to see it happen so spontaneously.

And in other news...

Julia had been asking about her grand parents quite a bit and so we decided to have ourselves a date nite.
We informed her that on Friday, I would pick her up after work and take her to spend the night over at the abuelos.
As I drive into the house, there she is, sitting on the curb with her favorite doll "Pili"  in one hand and a DVD of the movie Up in the other. Her Nanny reports she had been sitting on the curb since she woke up from her nap (30 minutes earlier) anxious to visit her grandparents :)
And it is no wonder...

One on one time with Abuelo on Lluvia.

After a few ups and downs the hill, she asks to go at it alone for the first time - as her sense of adventure overpowers her fear.

Enjoying some one on one time with Abuelita in the jacuzzi.

All the makings of a great weekend for which I am grateful today.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Break (Part 2)

Six years ago, when Jose and I got married, one of the most important decisions we made about the wedding was the date.  We knew, that by choosing a date so close to Easter, we would always have the time to celebrate anniversaries by spending time together, away from everyday routines.
So after another year of marriage we celebrate the reason why we have chosen to assume responsibility, to accept new duties, to relinquish some personal freedoms and to make unselfish adjustments, all for the unmatched privilege of sharing our lives and building a family TOGETHER.

More pics of our week

Sunset @ Playa Azul

Gotta love the glasses

Ahummmm Ahummmm

hmmm the feel of the cool water and soft sand on the feet

Chillaxing under the early morning sun

Inevitably children will find more than one use for any toy. It is so charming.

Off to lunch

Yummy dessert

Such a rare treat... makes this so much yummier!

On our way home, feet still off the ground ;)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Break (Part 1)

We are staying at this terrific hotel near Ostional called Luna Azul, no TVs, ocean view , great food and very personal service. It is hard for Jose and I not to consider the P&L of this type of business, but after a day here it is obvious this was never a business decision. It was a lifestyle choice. And a good one at that.

These types of vacations are unlike any other, they can truly transform (if only temporarily). I become someone I seldom am, but so like to be.  A much more calmer, patient, slow breathing version of myself. I can also see how it transforms Julis into a more content and serene version of herself too. She walks slower, she laughs quieter, notices much and she dares to do more.

As usual here are some memories recorded through the lens of our camera 

Ostional Beach where more than a million eggs are layed each year by lora and baula turtles.

Running away from the surf. - Kudos to Tito for the great pic!

Getting a feel for the wet, dark sand. It has a texture that is almost like mud. Really soft and gooey. Probably why the turtles prefer this beach.

Monkey watching

Photographing all the monkeying around

Swimming with her head under and eyes wide open.  You have come a long way baby... be proud!

Swam til the sun went down

Checking out the surf with mom

Running to dad

A happy dad

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