Sunday, April 25, 2010

Co-Sleeping, Dishes and Peace.

Sleeping with a small child in your marital bed (aka: co-sleeping, bed sharing, sleep sharing, etc) has been the topic of much discourse in parenting literature. It is said to:
  • Help prevent SIDS / Increase risk for SIDS
  • Promote security / Generate insecurity
  • Help kids sleep all through the night / Disrupt sleep patterns
  • Bring families together / Split couples apart
And on and on....
One thing is for sure, when Julis gets sick, as she did this weekend, her need for extra TLC coincides with my drive to pamper her silly, which inevitably results in ... TA DA!

It makes her happy to go to sleep with us and I dont have to get up from the bed every couple of hours (like the neurotic mom that I am) to check if she is breathing/has a fever/vomits/etc.

But Julis hacking cough and perma dripping nose was not the only malaise this weekend, there was also this hot/sticky/rainy weather which basically made us want to stay indoors all day today.

So having very little to do, we went about our morning in slow mo and in doing so awakened to the reality of seeing the divine in the mundane. 
As I watched Julis help with the dishes – without making the next to do list in my head or prodding her to “hurry up and get ready” or dancing to the to beat of a favortie song or face booking, I just paused and took it all in...

 The concentration on her face

 The smell of the lemon ginger soap filling the air

The dedication 

The unspoiled enjoyment doing the simplest tasks

 And the satisfaction of a job well done

Today Julis, you helped me discover there is beauty in simply washing the dishes and that there is peace in each of us, if we can be still and let it surface, for this I am grateful. 

I am also grateful you are feeling better, even it means no more co spleeping for now :P

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