Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Break (Part 1)

We are staying at this terrific hotel near Ostional called Luna Azul, no TVs, ocean view , great food and very personal service. It is hard for Jose and I not to consider the P&L of this type of business, but after a day here it is obvious this was never a business decision. It was a lifestyle choice. And a good one at that.

These types of vacations are unlike any other, they can truly transform (if only temporarily). I become someone I seldom am, but so like to be.  A much more calmer, patient, slow breathing version of myself. I can also see how it transforms Julis into a more content and serene version of herself too. She walks slower, she laughs quieter, notices much and she dares to do more.

As usual here are some memories recorded through the lens of our camera 

Ostional Beach where more than a million eggs are layed each year by lora and baula turtles.

Running away from the surf. - Kudos to Tito for the great pic!

Getting a feel for the wet, dark sand. It has a texture that is almost like mud. Really soft and gooey. Probably why the turtles prefer this beach.

Monkey watching

Photographing all the monkeying around

Swimming with her head under and eyes wide open.  You have come a long way baby... be proud!

Swam til the sun went down

Checking out the surf with mom

Running to dad

A happy dad

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  1. Muy buenas las fotos... ummm very relaxing.... I am glad you guys had a great time. Love you!!


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