Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Break (Part 2)

Six years ago, when Jose and I got married, one of the most important decisions we made about the wedding was the date.  We knew, that by choosing a date so close to Easter, we would always have the time to celebrate anniversaries by spending time together, away from everyday routines.
So after another year of marriage we celebrate the reason why we have chosen to assume responsibility, to accept new duties, to relinquish some personal freedoms and to make unselfish adjustments, all for the unmatched privilege of sharing our lives and building a family TOGETHER.

More pics of our week

Sunset @ Playa Azul

Gotta love the glasses

Ahummmm Ahummmm

hmmm the feel of the cool water and soft sand on the feet

Chillaxing under the early morning sun

Inevitably children will find more than one use for any toy. It is so charming.

Off to lunch

Yummy dessert

Such a rare treat... makes this so much yummier!

On our way home, feet still off the ground ;)

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  1. Happy anniversary you two :) Love the past two posts : the photos and the journaling ! Bises, D


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