Sunday, April 18, 2010


Julis: Your love of animals has always been apparent and I am always trying for some of my own apprehensions not be evident, hoping to avoid passing them on to you.  So it is always a relief when I see you get so excited to see a fury creature, how you want to get close, how you inquire about them and how protective you become. 

Now I cannot say you have always been as gentle with other children as you have been with animals; but it has been a very long time since last you raised your hand, bit or pushed another child. And now, seeing you “baby speak” to Emma, caress her face and worry when she cries is thoroughly encouraging.

Even if sometimes you do get a bit jealous when Mommy holds her too long and then you ask me to give her to Daddy for a little bit ;)

Lately, you have also been on the look out for anyone who may need help, like this morning, when you brought out your broom to help me clean up the dinning room floor, or last night, when you wanted to help Daddy & Memo put up the fan in our room. 

And I just love when I hear your little voice scream with glee “Yo te ayude mamita!” . 
Yes my love you do help. Thank You!

This weekend I noticed how kind you are becoming and today I am grateful for that.

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