Monday, April 12, 2010


As any parent knows, getting any amount of sharing out of a 2 year old is quite a challenge.  And it is no wonder, given that we are not the best examples of sharing there is:
[reprimanding] Julis don´t touch Daddy's I Pod
[alarm] No no no not the computer!
[disapproving frown] Julis that is Mommy's jewelry and we don´t play with Mommy´s jewelry
[apologetic] Sorry sweetie can´t share my food it has hot sauce on it
[warning]  You can´t have wine, coffee, coke, etc , it is not for little kids
and on, and on, and on....

Still and somewhat miraculously, they do learn 

and it warms my heart so, to see it happen so spontaneously.

And in other news...

Julia had been asking about her grand parents quite a bit and so we decided to have ourselves a date nite.
We informed her that on Friday, I would pick her up after work and take her to spend the night over at the abuelos.
As I drive into the house, there she is, sitting on the curb with her favorite doll "Pili"  in one hand and a DVD of the movie Up in the other. Her Nanny reports she had been sitting on the curb since she woke up from her nap (30 minutes earlier) anxious to visit her grandparents :)
And it is no wonder...

One on one time with Abuelo on Lluvia.

After a few ups and downs the hill, she asks to go at it alone for the first time - as her sense of adventure overpowers her fear.

Enjoying some one on one time with Abuelita in the jacuzzi.

All the makings of a great weekend for which I am grateful today.

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