Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cooking Continued...

After last weeks cooking experience you were eager to get back in the kitchen; so I offered to teach you how to make cookies. Regrettably, I offered a bit early into the week (my bad!) and by Saturday, you simply could not wait any more (and I could NOT go over one more time why we could not make cookies that very minute).  So as soon as we got up in the morning and had our 5.30am breakfast we got to work - PJs, eye buggers and all!

And even though cooking may not be as exotic as flying somewhere for the week, I have recenlty discovered there are important advantages the kitchen has to offer:

It is a cheap, cheerful and fun way to spend some quality time with you kid!

Team work

Learning from the messes and the successes

Honing your fine motor skills

Experimentation and creativity 

Calling the shots on what your food will look like

Hey! it is a life skill after all!

Not to mention that it offers you an opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments

And to share with others 
(we took baggies to the abuelos and to your friends in the neighborhood)

Even tough I am not the biggest fan of the kitchen, it sure is fun to cook with you kiddo, so much so that by the last batch we even had Dad experimenting with cookie painting ;)

Also this weekend, abuela had tickets to go see Dora the Explorer´s live show at the Palacio de los Deportes. You did not know who Dora was, but boy did you enjoy the show!

Tickets: A gift
Parking: $6
Popcorn and Water: $20

The half open mouth, wide eyes and forward sitting posture for the duration of the show...priceless.

Today I am grateful for your wonder of both the simple and the unusual. Today I thank you for the memories. Besitos piojita!

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    The Men in your Life

    Our Dearest Julis,
    This weekend was your Abuelos birthday and you were so excited to go the mountain and sing happy birthday.  You should know you have him wrapped around your finger and that he allows for all kinds of horse play. Among your favorite things to get away with:  going to feed the ducks as soon as the sun comes up, skipping naps and having marshmallows for breakfast.

    Then of course there is your dad, who loves to teach you new things, like how to use your toolbox, how to ride a bike (he is still having trouble teaching you how to break), how to use chopsticks and this weekend in particular, how to make breakfast.

    Here are some pictures of this weekends shenanigans.

    Getting a feel for the chopsticks with the edamame which you love.

    Tsk tsk... no cheating!

    At dawn feeding the ducks with el Abuelo

    Helping Daddy out with a fully loaded omelette

    A masterpiece!

    Breakfast in bed for the birthday boy, served by his grandaughter... priceless!

    Moving on to the waffles.

    Very carefully measuring the milk

    The oil.

    And of course the flour.

    Mix it up real well...

    A little more...


    Ahhh the long awaited moment of the birthday song

    And the cake of course!

    Today I am grateful for the Men in your life (and mine!).
    Happy Birthday Abuelo Querido.

    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    Pretend Play

    “We reconstruct our identities on the other side of the looking glass” - Sherry Turkle

    Imaginary play is one of the hallmark characteristics of childhood and Julia is not the exception.  Long before she could even speak,it was plainly evident in her individual play. Today, pretend play dominates most of the interactions she has with other children. 

    Meanwhile, I am only beginning to understand how crucial this type of play truly is, in that it allows her to practice all kinds of interactions in a non threatening environment.

    One of her favorites spots for it is the shower, where she can spend a good 45 minutes pretending she is at school or in the playground. She will imagine she is the teacher by calling roll or directing some activity, she sometimes acts out a scene out of the previous day with a friend, or put one of her babies in time out when she refuses to do as she is told [pretending to be her mommy].  In watching her, I can see how she is decoding her world and it is such an eye opening experience.

    This past Friday was a great day for pretend play. 

    Julis went to school as a farmer and even came back with some fruit. 

    She had so much fun she refused to part with her hat or her boots at nap time.

    Finally agreed to change only because she and her neighborhood friends were given the chance to dress up.

    Our pumpkin dressed as snow white.

    The whole gang was there

     High heels and all

     Even a lip stick mustache, she was very proud of.

    I can´t help but wonder at what point exactly it is, that we loose our ability to openly and publicly imagine ourselves in a different reality and while pondering this, realize that my own profession [psychology] frowns [to put it mildly] at the practice. In fact, we [psychologists] usually strive to have people come to grips with reality...

    Today, I am grateful mom trumps psychologist, because playing make believe sure is fun!

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Una nueva etapa

    El pasado sábado fue un día muy especial para nosotros como padres, y definitivamente para Julia también.

    Por su rápido avance en sus clases de natación, su teacher sugirió moverla anticipadamente al siguiente nivel. La implicación no es poca cosa. El siguiente nivel los niños entran solos a la piscina.

    Al estar sin los padres, es realmente mas clase de natación que juegos en el agua. Cada uno es responsable por seguir las instrucciones y cuidarse a si mismo.

    Para nuestra alegría Julia lo hizo muy bien. Se sintió perfectamente cómoda sin sus papas cerca de la piscina y fue atenta a la teacher. No pudimos sin embargo evitar la tentación de acercarnos un par de minutos para disparar unas fotos que hoy les compartimos.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010


    Esta semana tuvimos la visita de mi hermana Emma (Tita) la cual Julis anticipo con mucho entusiasmo y disfruto al máximo. En adición estoy a escasos 3 meses de convertirme en tia por primera vez y no puedo evitar pensar acerca de la forma en que los ti@s dejan huella en nosotros. Ellos son protagonistas de muchas de mis memorias favoritas, algunas de las cuales son:

    • Pasear en descapotable, jugar en la piscina e ir a tres películas distintas (antes de que existieran los multicines) en un mismo dia con el Tio Qco.
    • Hacer picnic de noche en el parque Omar mientras escuchábamos musica clásica en vivo con la Tia Ernie.
    • Ir a la inmaculada a comer deliciosos helados, a pasear al parque Urraca y sentarnos en el balcon a echar cuento con la Tia Yola.
    • Jugar golf, boggle, domino, cartas con los Tios Rocky y Chapis.
    • Irnos a tomar fotos a JC Penneys con la Tia Inky.
    • Desayunar patacones, planear celebraciones de cumpleaños y nuestra boda con la Tia Judy.
    Estas y muchas memorias mas me hacen sonreír y ver como Emma empieza a dejar huella en Julia me llena de alegria y por ello estoy agradecida hoy.

    Con el caramelazo que le trajo la Tia, sus palabras exactas al recibirlo fueron: 
    "Yo nunca he tenido uno así!!!"

    Ambas muy concentradas.


    Que vacilón! Nos asustaron...

    Its like synchronicity with these two, the way they mirror each other. 

    Ok Ok back to work then.

    Besos Tita!! We miss you.

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