Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cooking Continued...

After last weeks cooking experience you were eager to get back in the kitchen; so I offered to teach you how to make cookies. Regrettably, I offered a bit early into the week (my bad!) and by Saturday, you simply could not wait any more (and I could NOT go over one more time why we could not make cookies that very minute).  So as soon as we got up in the morning and had our 5.30am breakfast we got to work - PJs, eye buggers and all!

And even though cooking may not be as exotic as flying somewhere for the week, I have recenlty discovered there are important advantages the kitchen has to offer:

It is a cheap, cheerful and fun way to spend some quality time with you kid!

Team work

Learning from the messes and the successes

Honing your fine motor skills

Experimentation and creativity 

Calling the shots on what your food will look like

Hey! it is a life skill after all!

Not to mention that it offers you an opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments

And to share with others 
(we took baggies to the abuelos and to your friends in the neighborhood)

Even tough I am not the biggest fan of the kitchen, it sure is fun to cook with you kiddo, so much so that by the last batch we even had Dad experimenting with cookie painting ;)

Also this weekend, abuela had tickets to go see Dora the Explorer´s live show at the Palacio de los Deportes. You did not know who Dora was, but boy did you enjoy the show!

Tickets: A gift
Parking: $6
Popcorn and Water: $20

The half open mouth, wide eyes and forward sitting posture for the duration of the show...priceless.

Today I am grateful for your wonder of both the simple and the unusual. Today I thank you for the memories. Besitos piojita!

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