Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Men in your Life

Our Dearest Julis,
This weekend was your Abuelos birthday and you were so excited to go the mountain and sing happy birthday.  You should know you have him wrapped around your finger and that he allows for all kinds of horse play. Among your favorite things to get away with:  going to feed the ducks as soon as the sun comes up, skipping naps and having marshmallows for breakfast.

Then of course there is your dad, who loves to teach you new things, like how to use your toolbox, how to ride a bike (he is still having trouble teaching you how to break), how to use chopsticks and this weekend in particular, how to make breakfast.

Here are some pictures of this weekends shenanigans.

Getting a feel for the chopsticks with the edamame which you love.

Tsk tsk... no cheating!

At dawn feeding the ducks with el Abuelo

Helping Daddy out with a fully loaded omelette

A masterpiece!

Breakfast in bed for the birthday boy, served by his grandaughter... priceless!

Moving on to the waffles.

Very carefully measuring the milk

The oil.

And of course the flour.

Mix it up real well...

A little more...


Ahhh the long awaited moment of the birthday song

And the cake of course!

Today I am grateful for the Men in your life (and mine!).
Happy Birthday Abuelo Querido.


  1. ese abuelo tiene mucha suerte con una nieta que lo mima tanto!

  2. Que Abuelo tan dichoso tiene una bella nieta que lo mima! Suertudo!


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