Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank my Lucky Stars for your Dad

Last weekend was Tia Nenas Bday and we went out for a yummy meal. We planned to go early so that it would not conflict with Julis nap time...

Ahh the best laid plans... are laughed at by toddlers...
She fell asleep in the car on the way there and ended up having her nap on a couple of chairs pulled together.

Como dicen no hay mal que por bien no venga and we ended up enjoying a quiet and delicious meal.

Of course she woke up just in time for the cake.  
Call it toddler "cakedar" 

Last weekend was also fathers day, so between soccer games, we squeezed in a trip to La Paz Waterfalls.  The park has improved much since the Cinchona earthquake and it is a best practice in terms of how it cares and shows butterflies, monkeys, frogs, pumas, ponies and others. It was another chance to witness how the wonder of children is as contagious as a yawn, for which I am grateful today. 

 There is an open cage where lots of toucans roam. It is cool to feel them fly right by you.

A number of different varieties of hummingbirds which can reach the amazing speed of 45 miles per hour.

A kiss that can melt hearts at 100 miles per second ;P

Riding in the back of a traditional ox cart: all smiles except Julis, who wasn't sure about the oxen harmlessness.

Gorgeous sites

Tio Rene spent the weekend with us. He always finds time to spend one on one with Julis which she really enjoys.

On a related note: last week I spent all week on a business trip which was heart wrenching for me. Thankfully, not so for Julis who stayed home with Tito who is a very capable Dad, just as likely to shell out fun as he is to ensure reasonable consequences follow unacceptable behavior, can play with dirt and dolls, can cook up a storm and put together a cute outfit. Really, the only thing that makes his knees shake is the thought of ponytails (luckily Julis likes hats).    Today, I am grateful for his support and for the time they are able to share together (without meddling mom!). 

Hope everyone had a great fathers day!

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