Monday, July 26, 2010

Toys, Pets and Pinatas

You have toys I never thought would exist. Among them a bike without pedals, a plasma car, moon sand, animal games on the ipad and most recently these thingamabobs that Tita sent you and have turned out to be a huge hit.

I dont remember what they are called but they are tiny styrofoam like balls which are as malleable as play doh.

We spent a good hour playing with them and then you took a bunch into the shower. I was amazed that they worked during and after the shower. 
Really cool product and very little clean up! So double thanks Tita!

This past week you became a pet owner for the first time in your short life.
Your Dad got you a Beta Fish that you named "Rapido".

The first thing you do in the morning is check up on him and make sure he still alive.  You feed him after you get dressed every morning and he gets the last goodnite before you go to bed.
You are doing a really great job caring for Rapido so far and I sincerely hope he is around for a long time.

This weekend was Sergios 3rd Bday and like with any Bday you get to enjoy things you usually are not privy to, such as cake, candy and undiluted juice which you are happily two fisting here (apple and berries) :P

Then of course there is the long standing tradition of the pinata, where kids choose their most beloved character, stuff it with sweets and proceed to smack it until its in tatters.
It is a tradition that has yet to succumb to political correctness and/or health trends. The only thing that has changed in this regard, since I was a kid, is the fact that now a days parents are jumping right in. I am not sure if its to make sure their kids fill their bags or so they dont get hurt in the mob.  The fact is that neither your Dad or I are willing to get involved, we both believe this is one activity you can certainly do without us helicoptering over you. The result has been that you usually dont pick up more than 5 pieces of candy (except when other parents feel the need to put some in your bag out of pity). As it turns out, this has resulted in you becoming very selective about the ones you pick up; which usually include lollipops and candy that sticks to your teeth like Dots, Gummy Bears or Taffy. In any case, today I am grateful you feel perfectly comfortable in going at it alone and are now focused on quality rather than quantity. I hope you take this lesson and apply it in many other aspects of your life.
Love you sweetie pie!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Favorite Routines

Dear Julis
Most books will agree that small children benefit greatly from having routines.  I concur. You enjoy knowing what will happen during the day and it gives you a sense of both security and excitement. Your routines also give your Dad and me a sense of peace and order.  

For the past few months the first words out of your mouth in the morning have been What day is it today?  Because by now you know that: 
Monday is the first day of school and you get to wear a tattoo.
Tuesday is teacher Hugos day at school and you get to sing your little heart out.
Wednesday you have phys ed and you love the balance beam.
Thursdays are only a day away from Friday.
Fridays you get to have popcorn and watch a movie with a friend/mommy/daddy and you know the weekend is coming and you get to have fun with your family.
Saturday - "estamos juntos toda la familia, verdad mama?"  and we go to swim class.

Here are some other activities that you have incorporated into your (and our) routine:

This has been one of your favorite games, hiding under the covers from wolves.  You like to call the police to come get them and take them to the zoo and wait underneath the covers while they come.

You are unable to resist going out to feed the ducks at least a couple of times a day, every time we go to the mountain house. To this day it is a routine you absolutely love.

Nap time is not one of your favorite things but it does make a huge difference, a fact that you are learning.  So even though you are often unwillig at first to go down for your nap, it is a routine that many benefit from ;) in the pic from left to right: you, grandma, Sarah and Tere.

TV time right before bed time: this has to happen while you sit somewhere on my body (on my lap, between my legs or your head on my shoulder). 
It really is a little cuddle time disguised as TV time ;P.

We go out to eat at least once a week and Lo Spago (our neighborhood Italian restaurant) is your favorite! 

The food is delicious! Your favorites are spinach or mushroom raviolis and mushroom and black olive pizza. 

You also like to try what we order, even if it is clams. 

One of your favorite things about Lo Spago is Irvin the waiter.  I think you like him so much because he is very attentive, but not in a baby kind of way, but more in a very respectful kind of way.  Is as if you were a very important adult customer. You so get a kick out of it!

The other fun thing about routines is that anything you do to step out of them becomes special, regardless of how big/little that shift is.

Like this past Friday which Tito took off work to take you, Sarah and Tere to the beach for the day. No nap and a good day indeed!

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