Monday, July 26, 2010

Toys, Pets and Pinatas

You have toys I never thought would exist. Among them a bike without pedals, a plasma car, moon sand, animal games on the ipad and most recently these thingamabobs that Tita sent you and have turned out to be a huge hit.

I dont remember what they are called but they are tiny styrofoam like balls which are as malleable as play doh.

We spent a good hour playing with them and then you took a bunch into the shower. I was amazed that they worked during and after the shower. 
Really cool product and very little clean up! So double thanks Tita!

This past week you became a pet owner for the first time in your short life.
Your Dad got you a Beta Fish that you named "Rapido".

The first thing you do in the morning is check up on him and make sure he still alive.  You feed him after you get dressed every morning and he gets the last goodnite before you go to bed.
You are doing a really great job caring for Rapido so far and I sincerely hope he is around for a long time.

This weekend was Sergios 3rd Bday and like with any Bday you get to enjoy things you usually are not privy to, such as cake, candy and undiluted juice which you are happily two fisting here (apple and berries) :P

Then of course there is the long standing tradition of the pinata, where kids choose their most beloved character, stuff it with sweets and proceed to smack it until its in tatters.
It is a tradition that has yet to succumb to political correctness and/or health trends. The only thing that has changed in this regard, since I was a kid, is the fact that now a days parents are jumping right in. I am not sure if its to make sure their kids fill their bags or so they dont get hurt in the mob.  The fact is that neither your Dad or I are willing to get involved, we both believe this is one activity you can certainly do without us helicoptering over you. The result has been that you usually dont pick up more than 5 pieces of candy (except when other parents feel the need to put some in your bag out of pity). As it turns out, this has resulted in you becoming very selective about the ones you pick up; which usually include lollipops and candy that sticks to your teeth like Dots, Gummy Bears or Taffy. In any case, today I am grateful you feel perfectly comfortable in going at it alone and are now focused on quality rather than quantity. I hope you take this lesson and apply it in many other aspects of your life.
Love you sweetie pie!

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