Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time Gone By

My Dearest Julis,
I have not recorded anything for a few weeks, going back to work full time has had a unexpected side effect: computer overdose... as it turns out the last thing I feel like doing on the weekends now is opening the computer. In any case I am certain I will overcome the aversion, in the meantime here are some pics of what has been going on lately.

We went to Manuel Antonio a couple of weeks ago.  Lately you have been in full "copy what you see" mode and during this weekend you picked up a couple of things.

Like wearing goggles. Your dad uses them because he has contact lenses, you use them because he uses them. 

Between you and me... they do look better on you ;P

Tere taught you how to pick up hermit crabs and how to overcome the fear of having them run up your hand.

And of course picking up this habit was just a matter of time.
A family that gambles together stays together :)

You got the basics down, throwing of the same suit as the one in the pack down and screaming "Lo Compro!"

Gotta love the sitting pose, just like your Daddys.

Last weekend we went to the mountain house where the abuelos had a new fun activity planned which you thoroughly enjoyed.

Working it with Tere

One more thing you should know. You have developed a strong opinion about your hair.  Your favorite as of late has been a total comb back - no bangs, so we will respect your preference and work on letting them grow out.

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