Monday, September 20, 2010

Enrico Moreira Vial

This past week we went to Panama to meet your cousin Enrico, something you had been anticipating with great excitement.

You could not wait to hold him and hold him you did.

You also wanted to kiss him and even though you were asked several times to touch/kiss his feet you often could not resist.

Enrico with his mommy.  
The apple did not fall too far from the genetic tree here.

It was wonderful to see the two of you together and to know this is the beginning of a lifelong relationship that I can only hope grows strong across the distance.  

Your Dad almost did not make it, but he was sooo glad he did. As it turns out, holding this kid for the first time produces a smile the likes you do not often see.

But hey! one great smile deserves another!

Enrico you are simply beautiful and we are blessed to bare witness to the miracle that is your life as it begins. 

Also while in Panama we got to reconnect with family we do not see as often as we would like

Here with Bisabu riding the car and blowing on that whistle

Goofing off with Tio Qco

Sharing a tart lemon with Tia Inky as Tita watches on. 

Went out to dinner one evening with los Moreira Vial, Dickey Moreira, Mendez Amado and Tia Yola.  Tia Judy gifted you a princess make up set and right there and then (without even opening the rest of the gift) you started painting your nails.

And once you were done with your hands, you took off your shoes, plopped your feet on the table and went to town on your toes!

No trip to Panama would be complete without lunch on Saturday at Abuelitas Esther, who gave you a doll you appropriately named Esthercita.

Check out your cousin Gian Carlo. He has grown so much!  

Someday you will hear someone says "time flies", it may not make a lot of sense to you the first few hundred times you hear it, but as soon as you start caring about children you do not often see, you really come to understand how it really does.

Lets come back soon...ok?

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