Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

This year Halloween was particularly fun because you now have complete clarity around what to expect on this day and are able to anticipate it with great excitement.
You wanted a princess costume (of course!), but since you wear one everyday we agreed on something similar but not identical.

Fairy: a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers

You decided your special power was the ability to fly.

After the third or fourth house you started asking if this was the last house... 
you really wanted to dig into the candy :)

Today I am really grateful for our neighborhood.  It is a great community made up of some terrific people.

In addition to Halloween this weekend you enjoyed giving Tia Nena a mani

And a pedi too!  Check out your handy work :P

You also fooled around on Tia Nenas scooter

How about that hair do?

Love you chicky doo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dance Juli Dance!

Hey Munchkin
You should know you enjoy dancing a great deal. You are particularly fond of dancing to All The Single Ladies by Beyonce and anything from Shakira.  We play the videos for you on You Tube and you look at the video and then at yourself n the mirror.
A few days ago you requested dance lessons as you looked at yourself in the mirror and exclaimed "I need to dance like Shakira mommy".... things that make you go hmmm.

So here is a brief sample of what it is you call dancing at this point in your life. I personally think its fantastic and today I am grateful for your enthusiasm.

This weekend was Diegos Birthday. Check out some of the pics.

He may have missed his own Pinata, but the Bday boy sure enjoyed his nap!

Mom and sis stepped in for the Bday boy 

And I had a chance to chinear a Emmita

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Fixations and Milestones

Hi Julis
You should know that you have become quite fixated (as only pre schoolers can) with wearing your princess dress.

You wear it over your PJs when you get up
Over your uniform when you get back from school
Every single day!  It is a household tragedy when it goes in the wash. It is a good thing your birthday is just around the corner because I dont know that this dress can stand this much use for a lot longer ;P

This weekend Tia Inky and Tio Rene were visiting. As usual you spent quite a bit of time playing with Tio Rene.

Spinning him round and round. 
You are really growing into your strider. I get the feeling it gives you wings.

Quickly moving about the tennis court

Up and down the hills
 And as an additional milestone. You are swinging baby, all on your own.  Three whoops whoops whoops for you!!!!!

Check out that coordination!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

De Paseo

Hola Julia,

este fin de semana nos la pasamos super bien. El tema del feriado del 12 de Oct estuvo medio confuso pues vos lo tenias el 11 y el 12, y papa y mama el 18. Afortunadamente lo pude cambiar y asi irme de paseo con vos a uno de tus lugares favoritos, el zoologico, que ya no es el zoloquido!

Invitamos a tu prima Ann que viaja por el mundo, y aca algunas de las fotos:

El domingo tambien aprovechamos para repaertir las invitaciones de tu fiesta de cumpleaƱos que se acerca. Despues del tour por el barrio, giramos al este para ir a la casa de Amelia a entregar su invitacion, y de paso jugar con ella un buen rato.

Luego terminamos la gira en casa de Bisabu. Ahi aprovechaste para jugar con tia nena, lavar algo de ropa, entre otros.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So this was a heavy week.
Heavy rains.
So heavy in fact, that the mountain behind our house partially buckled under the weight of the water.
You and Daddy went to photograph the damage

Heavy accidents.
We almost made it to the three year mark, just a month shy... never before had you had an accident that ended up in you bleeding. But it was bound to happen sweetie and today was the day.
We were having lunch at the L'ile de France and you were crawling underneath the table and wham! right in the kisser :( . You were very brave though and after we cleaned up all the blood, you very diligently applied ice to your wound.

By the time you went to bed the swelling had gone down considerably.

Heavy partying.
On Friday you helped Constanza celebrate her 4th Birthday and stayed up til 9pm.

You all dressed up as princesses

The birthday girl as Cinderella

Renata as Aurora

Princess Bella

Emma: a princess in the making

I swear at 6am when I did your hair it looked so much better!
Still, you will always be my little princess. Mua!

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