Monday, October 25, 2010

Dance Juli Dance!

Hey Munchkin
You should know you enjoy dancing a great deal. You are particularly fond of dancing to All The Single Ladies by Beyonce and anything from Shakira.  We play the videos for you on You Tube and you look at the video and then at yourself n the mirror.
A few days ago you requested dance lessons as you looked at yourself in the mirror and exclaimed "I need to dance like Shakira mommy".... things that make you go hmmm.

So here is a brief sample of what it is you call dancing at this point in your life. I personally think its fantastic and today I am grateful for your enthusiasm.

This weekend was Diegos Birthday. Check out some of the pics.

He may have missed his own Pinata, but the Bday boy sure enjoyed his nap!

Mom and sis stepped in for the Bday boy 

And I had a chance to chinear a Emmita

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