Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Fixations and Milestones

Hi Julis
You should know that you have become quite fixated (as only pre schoolers can) with wearing your princess dress.

You wear it over your PJs when you get up
Over your uniform when you get back from school
Every single day!  It is a household tragedy when it goes in the wash. It is a good thing your birthday is just around the corner because I dont know that this dress can stand this much use for a lot longer ;P

This weekend Tia Inky and Tio Rene were visiting. As usual you spent quite a bit of time playing with Tio Rene.

Spinning him round and round. 
You are really growing into your strider. I get the feeling it gives you wings.

Quickly moving about the tennis court

Up and down the hills
 And as an additional milestone. You are swinging baby, all on your own.  Three whoops whoops whoops for you!!!!!

Check out that coordination!


  1. Aw! Look at Tio Rene :) Kids always love playing with him!
    LOVE the last photo - go Julis!
    Bises, D

  2. Juli Vale que falta me haces, esa semana hable contigo por telefono y te dije que te extranaba y tu me dijistes "tambien" me partiste el corazon!! Te quieren mucho, Tita y Tio Andrew


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