Sunday, October 3, 2010


So this was a heavy week.
Heavy rains.
So heavy in fact, that the mountain behind our house partially buckled under the weight of the water.
You and Daddy went to photograph the damage

Heavy accidents.
We almost made it to the three year mark, just a month shy... never before had you had an accident that ended up in you bleeding. But it was bound to happen sweetie and today was the day.
We were having lunch at the L'ile de France and you were crawling underneath the table and wham! right in the kisser :( . You were very brave though and after we cleaned up all the blood, you very diligently applied ice to your wound.

By the time you went to bed the swelling had gone down considerably.

Heavy partying.
On Friday you helped Constanza celebrate her 4th Birthday and stayed up til 9pm.

You all dressed up as princesses

The birthday girl as Cinderella

Renata as Aurora

Princess Bella

Emma: a princess in the making

I swear at 6am when I did your hair it looked so much better!
Still, you will always be my little princess. Mua!


  1. Nice blogging... :) Congrats!

  2. Gracias Ricardo! Nice tweeting right back at ya!


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