Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moving and Goodbyes

We will be starting a new adventure in a few weeks. We have been talking to you about if for a couple of months now and have apparently done a real good job at selling this new destination; the other day in the car we asked you what country you liked best: Costa Rica, Panama or Miami and your response was "Ecuador" (plop).

So at the moment we are enjoying staying at Grandma and Grandpas for a couple of weeks and are already missing lots of our friends.

Las Chicas

Los Parrilleros - great job by the way delicioso el choripan y el vacio!

Mugrositas, pero...


La Millis

Gracias por la despedida chicas

Y Caballeros

Hoy estoy agradecida por la gente que conocemos en el camino que nunca olvidamos.
Se les quiere :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Xmas Continued

I realize Jan 17th is a little late to be reporting on Xmas shenanigans but it has been a crazy start of the year, what with our move to ecuador sprinkled with a really bad flu.
Anyhow here a some more highlights:

A day at the beach with Daddy while mommy shops

One of your favorite activities is to apply make up, to yourself and others, as Tita demonstrates.

See for yourself the result of your make up artistry :)

You just love spending time with Tere

She just lights up your little face

As did most gifts

Sleeping as Santa looks over your bed...

Santa gave you a baby alive girl that gets sick and you can take her temp, give her meds and listen to her heart beat.  Grandma Emy noticed you liked it a lot and asked if you wanted to be a doctor when you grew up.  You promptly replied "No, I want to be a Mommy".

Your other favorite Santa Gift was this Princess Pj.

Xmas day arting with your cousins

Tere got a Dance game for Wii which you loved as well

Going crazy with the straws at breakfast

At the Miami Children's Museum playing with molding sand with Mommy

Baring it all for TV

Firefighter at the wheel

Drawing the Dinosaurs

We all learned a little bit about all the different holidays around the world

You loved playing instruments while looking at yourself in the mirror

Fishing was great entertainment

The next day was Zoo day, an outing you really enjoyed. 
Your Dad gave you permission to play in the fountains, the game: avoid the water

Getting wet was a a lot more fun than avoiding the water

So we took your shoes off

We eventually took your pants off and as the pic shows the result was a soaking 3 yr old on a colder than usual winters days

Luckily Tere had an extra shirt which you wore for the rest of the day.  A good day indeed.

So good in fact you went back for round two the very next day

There were still some animals left to see

Camels left to ride

More water fun

Smack! Right in the kisser!

Luckily this time we were better prepared and had a change of clothes

The cherry on top this vacation was Juanchos and Sams announcement... they got married!!!

Did not see it coming! 
So glad it is so!

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