Tuesday, March 29, 2011

El Ombligo del Mundo

This weekend we went to the Pululahua Reserve. The Pululahua was the very first piece of land which was declared a national park in all of the Americas (back in 1969). Its a crater, that has not erupted since 500 B.C.
Today there are a bunch of brave farmers living right smack in the middle of it. 

Your favorite part was sliding on the gravel. The thrill of almost falling gave you the giggles.

Of course you enjoyed the climbing up and down the mountain side with your Dad a great deal.

We also made a stop at the middle of the world, where Ecuadorians have built a monument to mark the point where the equator passes through the country.

The monument hast the geographic direction of the four cardinal points, and one is located on the Equatorial Line of Latitude 0 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds.   

There are a bunch of restaurants, souvenirs shops and ice cream shops at the middle of the world, but you enjoyed the playgrounds the most.

Your dad got this really cool hat that makes him look like Indiana Jones - if you have not seen the movies, rent one, they are awesome! (or at least they were in the 80s ;P )

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Esta semana tuviste tu primera fiesta de cumpleaños en Quito, la de tu compañera Isabela.
No fue exactamente lo que esperabas...
Entre las sorpresas agradables es que había un carrito de helados y una mesa llena de burundangas donde rapidamente te asentaste y el pintacaritas que siempre es un éxito contigo.

Pero también hubo muchos juegos dirigidos lo cual no fue de tu entero agrado, siendo mas partidaria del juego libre.

 Tu cara no esconde tu desdén con los cosas que la animadora quería que hicieran

Otra costumbre local es que no se golpea a las piñatas. La animadora las abre y reparte los dulces de forma muy civilizada y equitativa ;P

Ademas hay dos piñatas por fiesta, una para niñas y una para niños  :( 
Fue difícil para mi explicarte por que no podías escoger la piñata de Spiderman (que te gusta mucho mas que Hello Kitty) por que era solo para niños. 

En otras noticias esta semana fuiste "Superkid" en tu escuela, el Lunes llevaste una presentación de tus cosas favoritas, entre ellas
Libros favoritos: Relatos de Princesas y Oh Cuan Lejos LLegaras
Películas Favoritas: Tangled y Como entrenar a Tu Dragon
Comida Favorita: Pasta, Souffle de Maíz y Leche de Chocolate
Juguetes Favoritos: Plasticina, Alicia y los juegos del I Pad para pintar y el de animales.

El Martes leyeron tu cuento favorito en la clase (Bella Durmiente) y el Miércoles llevaste a Alicia a la escuela. El Jueves hicieron un bingo de tu cosas favoritas con todos los niños y el Viernes te pusiste tu ropa favorita:
que por supuesto es un traje de princesa.

Fue una gran semana! Las tias (asi se les dice a las teachers acá), reportaron:
"Julia se esta adaptando de maravilla al grupo, es una mas y eso nos tiene muy felices, ha disfrutado mas que ningún otro niño de su semana de "superkid", le encanta contar acerca de su rutina, su familia y su país. Hoy mientras explicábamos que Julia es de un país al que tenemos que ir en avión y que se llama Costa Rica dijo muy orgullosa: " es el país mas lindo del mundo!" je je je. 3 años y full fan de su país tan lindo!

El viernes al llegar a la casa y después de ese despliegue de orgullo nacional me dices "y no entiendo que estamos haciendo en Ecuador?"
Hija estamos dandole chance a tu papi para que he lives up to his potential 

and becomes a Master of the Universe ;P

Nuevas Rutinas

Ya empezamos a cuadrar todos nuevas rutinas, entre tus favoritas están: 
El ballet de los Martes y Jueves

Así te veias el primer dia cuando te fui a buscar

Los baños de la noche en el jacuzzi

Arte pasado por agua

Paseos al parque

Profecia auto-cumplidora?  Hope not!

Y cambiamos la Pasta de los Sabados en Lo Spago por Sushi en NOE. Eres una fan!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Step must start each Journey

On the 20th we landed in Quito on a beautiful Sunday morning, we had had a long transition period and were happy to join Tito at last. I wish I had my camera handy when you first saw your Dad at the airport. You dropped your bag and sprinted to his arms with this huge grin on your face.

Quito has spectacular mountains and it is fairly cool and dry. The valley were we live, has terrific weather and the plants are just so grateful for it, they can help but be beautiful.

Our neighborhood is very pretty, but no one is ever outside, a stark contrast with Casa del Sol in Santa Ana :(   Still, you have adapted quite well to the move and even though it gets chilly at night, when its sunny, its warm enough for water fun.

Brand new kiddie pool in the backyard.

We enrolled you in school as soon as we could, simply because the single thing you missed the most were your friends, who you constantly asked about.

Your first day of school at Playtime

This is what you looked like when I picked you up that first day. Needless to say, you were happy to be in the company of people your same height.

You still ask if you can take Renata, when she comes to visit, to your new school; but have also been quick to make new friends.

In the back of the bus with Emilia, on your way to a field trip, to re enforce the farm module at Playtime.

Petting and feeding the animals

On horseback 

On the "Tarabita" which is like a single line canopy ride.

All in all, a pretty good first week. Today, I am grateful for new beginnings and for having you and your Dad along for this one.


On our way to Quito we made a pit stop in Pty for some much needed family reconnections.

Dinner @ los Rodriguez.

Messing around on the pool table like three other generations before you.

You got a bunch of stickers from Christy and proceeded to stick some on all family members at Las Cumbres.

Yolibu got some love

Tio Qco got a double dose on the forehead

And of course you were not going to miss out on the fun

Taking your "kids" out for a ride

Feeding the parrots with Rosendo in your pjs

Arroz con Mango...

I was really bad about the camera use this trip.  So I have no pictures of the clam fest for Xavis Bday, or Enrico yummy cheekies or you walking like abuelita Esther or of the great evening we spent at Tia Judys. But you should know it was a good a trip, one we hope to repeat real soon.

Last Couple of Weeks in CR

The last couple of weeks in CR we stayed with Abuelito Flaco y Abuelita Emy. It was a very enjoyable time for all of us, where you developed a un relenting taste for chocolate milk and pistachios.

Part of you routine was to sit down at night and watch nature videos as narrated by abuelito.

These shows usually involved one animal killing another which explains the worried look on your face. Still...you so look forward to this time of day.

Another important part of your routine this past few weeks has been coloring and swimming, two activities you truly enjoy and can do for pretty long stretches of time.

We also had a farewell get together with family @ your fave spot: Montelagos

Con Amelia que esta tan grande y deliciosa.

Aca las chicas con la Bisabuelita que acaba de celebrar sus 90s en plena forma

Con la Abuelita Vera y Tia Nena

Las orgullosas Tias

It is at this time, that I am reminded what a wonderful gift it was to share our everyday happenings with our family nearby. We will sorely miss it.

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