Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Couple of Weeks in CR

The last couple of weeks in CR we stayed with Abuelito Flaco y Abuelita Emy. It was a very enjoyable time for all of us, where you developed a un relenting taste for chocolate milk and pistachios.

Part of you routine was to sit down at night and watch nature videos as narrated by abuelito.

These shows usually involved one animal killing another which explains the worried look on your face. Still...you so look forward to this time of day.

Another important part of your routine this past few weeks has been coloring and swimming, two activities you truly enjoy and can do for pretty long stretches of time.

We also had a farewell get together with family @ your fave spot: Montelagos

Con Amelia que esta tan grande y deliciosa.

Aca las chicas con la Bisabuelita que acaba de celebrar sus 90s en plena forma

Con la Abuelita Vera y Tia Nena

Las orgullosas Tias

It is at this time, that I am reminded what a wonderful gift it was to share our everyday happenings with our family nearby. We will sorely miss it.

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