Tuesday, March 8, 2011


On our way to Quito we made a pit stop in Pty for some much needed family reconnections.

Dinner @ los Rodriguez.

Messing around on the pool table like three other generations before you.

You got a bunch of stickers from Christy and proceeded to stick some on all family members at Las Cumbres.

Yolibu got some love

Tio Qco got a double dose on the forehead

And of course you were not going to miss out on the fun

Taking your "kids" out for a ride

Feeding the parrots with Rosendo in your pjs

Arroz con Mango...

I was really bad about the camera use this trip.  So I have no pictures of the clam fest for Xavis Bday, or Enrico yummy cheekies or you walking like abuelita Esther or of the great evening we spent at Tia Judys. But you should know it was a good a trip, one we hope to repeat real soon.

1 comment:

  1. Que manera de adaptarse!!! She looks so happy on her first day of Playtime!

    Muchos besitos and we miss you soooo much Julia!!!!!


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