Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Budding Interests

Your new school affords the possibility of extracurricular activities.
Initially, you wanted ballet.
You love music and love to jump around the house and dance, so we figured your would love it.

Surprise, surprise!  Two weeks into it you mentioned you did not much like the music or the way they danced in class :O  So ... we let you go try all the extracurricular activities offered to see if you liked any of them.

As it turns out you loved soccer and now stay after school every Monday.
You were very happy after class and also very tired.

You also enjoyed theater very much and go every thursday.
Last thursday you were asked to act as a cat and you were very excited about the make up and completely exhausted! You fell asleep in the car on the way home.

So, we will see what sticks, if anything.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to let you explore on your own, so that you can pinpoint the activity that fits you best.

I can only hope you find a passion early on. When you are passionate about something you have a reason to keep learning and to work towards mastery.  It gives you something in common with other people and can create emotional bonds. It can give you a purpose and make your world richer and more satisfying and when you are in pain (and you will be... as this is an inevitable part of life) it can be a refuge, a distraction, a solace.

I know it may be a lot to ask from nursery soccer/theater classes, but in trying out stuff for size, you can begin to discover what you like and don't like and know yourself that much better, even at 3.

Today, I am grateful for our own personal passions and to see you on the path of finding your very own.

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