Monday, April 4, 2011

Day Off

Last Monday you had the day of from school (yipeeee) so we spent the morning at the park.

 I love going to the park with you and see your playfulness come into full force, as you  get dirty, jump, climb, shout and explore the natural world. 

You took your bike and your camera 
(thank you Pinky and Gaby for the fab Xmas gift!)

You took a bunch of pics including these two.

You ran around and rode your bike to your hearts content

or actually, till you were too pooped to keep going

We then went out to lunch and had some "french pizza"  (crepes) 
filled with spinach and mushrooms (two of your favorites)

It started to rain and between bites you would run in and out from under the shelter.

You thought this activity ROCKED! 
and a little water never did much harm ;)

Topped our outing with a delicious nutella crepe and some ice cream.

Today I am grateful for being able to steal time away in this fashion: just the two of us.

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