Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Holiday (1st Leg)

This year we started easter a bit early.
First stop Miami: to visit family and pick up a suitcase full of internet purchases.
I would like for you to know that your Tia Emma and Tio Andrew have, for the past three years, graciously  let us use their home as a warehouse for all kinds of stuff, but mostly stuff for you. So today we thank them for giving up considerable square meters almost on a permanent basis and for always welcoming us (and our stuff) into their home :).

Con Tita getting ready to have some yummy brunch

Tio Andrew sitting in for your Dad and doing the shoulder carry

Then we went to the park to work some of the brunch off

Clowning around with your cousins, you had so much fun my heart breaks a little when I am reminded that you have no cousins where we live.

I dont remember when milk bubbles where no longer fun for me but it is so good to know you still have a few more years to go before it looses its appeal to you.

Pillow fight anyone?

After a day like that uncle Andrew took on some more carrying duties.

Had a wonderful time and we are very much looking forward to staying a bit longer on the way back!

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