Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Holiday (Leg 2)

Our second leg of this easter holiday was Houston: for your grandmas and my annual check up.
In beween appointments we made it to the zoo which is right next door to the Hospital.

You  are really into Giraffes

You wish you knew what the little horns they have are for and frankly so would I, as I was unable to clear that conundrum for ya.

Thoroughly enjoyed the petting zoo, even though at first you seem to miss the point that the brush was for combing their hair and preferred to use your hand.

I love these pensive moments and wondering what it is that goes on in your head.

There were two things you particularly enjoyed. One were these fans that also spray water. 

And the other was the animal carousel. 
You rode the giraffe, the zebra and the lion.

We wanted to do so some shopping after an already long day and you were such a trooper!

Here you are with Grandma in the waiting room at the hospital.

Today I am grateful that you are such a GREAT travel companion and I hope I am able to travel with you for many more years to come. MUA!

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