Sunday, May 29, 2011

No te Voy a Invitar!

Last weekend we had a BBQ at our house to celebrate Jamon's Birthday. He has a 4 year old daughter and the two of you hit it off remarkably well.

You dressed up as princesses

Played lawn tennis, family, painted and hung out for over 6 hours without a single argument.
It was great to see you enjoy yourself with someone your age like this.

And we all got to eat cake! weheee!

The next day we went out for some ice cream

And then to the playground where you quickly friended another girl

Together you made a birthday cake out of the gravel on the floor and used a rose as a candle.

This got me thinking about a social tool you had been broadly using a couple of months ago , the infamous phrase: "(No) te voy a invitar a mi fiesta de cumpleaños".  You had been using both the positive and negative forms of this phrase as a way to offer companionship and acceptance or momentary rejection when you were upset or sad.  You had even used it to try to get others to do your bidding.  It was a testament to the fact the learning often involves opposites - that is the skill of connection through friendship and its opposite: exclusion. The point is, I have noticed you have used this phrase a lot less of lately and I have seen you come up with more cooperative ways of interacting, like you did this past weekend.  This is a certain sign of maturity for which I am grateful today.  

Not So Sick Day

Last Monday you complained (a lot) about your tummy hurting, so we let you stay home from school.  You said you wanted to lay down so I read you a story and left you in your bed.  A few minutes later I started to hear small noises coming from your room and then some more a bit louder.  I suspected what was going on, so I tipped toed in (armed with my camera) and...

Love the look of surprise (and dare I say bits of guilt) on you face :P

I asked you if you felt any better and you said yes, as you proceeded to invite me to join you in dance
Then you asked if we could go outside and play... pretty please

How could I say no to this face?

So you rode your bike

Put some flowers in your hair

And played hide and seek

Some sick day!  
This is why my dad always told us: "Si no veo sangre, van a la escuela" ;)

Where the Fun Is

I have read that children at the age of 3 have more energy than at any other time in their life span and I really do not know how this is measured or tested scientifically, but one thing is for sure, you certainly have way more energy that your weary (older) parents.

Luckily one thing that comes along with that energy is  a desire to help and a "can do" attitude that makes it that much manageable.

A couple of Sundays ago you helped us prepare lunch

Baking is by far your favorite, for obvious reasons...

You also really enjoy doing the dishes.  

It never ceases to amaze me how you are far more interested in the doing itself than in actually finishing up with the task at hand.  I think you must have spent close to 40 minutes with the dishes and there were only a few in the sink.

I am constantly reminded of the principle of enjoying the moment whenever I am with you. You have taught me so much more about this than all the yoga sessions I have been to ;) 

And granted, sometimes it is fun to go the store and enjoy the smells, textures, colors and feelings; to play hide and seek in the aisles and to try to find out if there is anything new on the shelves. But other times... we just gotta run.   So I promise I will try to ease you into keeping focused on the end game (so that you can enjoy the accomplishment of objectives) and I will continue to make sure we find the time to enjoy the process so that I don't end up squeezing the all the fun out of life. 

Back to that Sunday...
As soon as we started in on the salad you found better things to do
Bubbles in the backyard

and practicing photography

I really like this one you took of Dad, as he is taking one of you. 

Finally, a celebratory fist pump for a job well done!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dia de la Madre

Este dia de la madres nos invitaron a tu escuela por toda una manana.
Primero para ver el fabuloso show de piratas:
Lucias preciosa con tu disfraz (MUA!) y estabas tan emocionada por que te fuimos a ver (sobre todo que tu papi te fue a ver).
Estabamos super orgullosos!

Pero como no, después de este despliegue de entusiasmo y alegria!
A mi también me dio mucha risa que Gabriel no encontraba su lugar je je...

Y luego jugar con colores....

Papito tambien se ensucio las manos.

El mejor dia de las madres a la fecha! Thank you love!

Easter Holiday (Leg 3)

Lots of catching up to do...
Our last leg of the Easter trip was a good one; even though you were pretty fed up with traveling by plane (we had been on 5 in less than 2 weeks) :O

Payaseando en la piscina del apt de Tita y Tio Andrew

Got to spend some time with Gaby. 
Here she is trying to help (awww) and there you are looking distraught , cause you like to do things for yourself ;P

Of course, no trip to Miami would be complete without some love for Tere.

The cousin fest continued in Panama
Where you celebrated Easter with Isa, Bernie y Giancarlo

and a good pinata smacking.

Playing with Bisabu, who will be turning 90 this year (patronales will be coming our way in July)

Some one on one time with grandma.

We also all enjoyed visiting with your smallest cousin Enrico, who brings a smile to all of our faces.

I really enjoy traveling with you munchkin and it was a good vacation indeed.
Cant wait for the next one :)
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