Sunday, May 29, 2011

No te Voy a Invitar!

Last weekend we had a BBQ at our house to celebrate Jamon's Birthday. He has a 4 year old daughter and the two of you hit it off remarkably well.

You dressed up as princesses

Played lawn tennis, family, painted and hung out for over 6 hours without a single argument.
It was great to see you enjoy yourself with someone your age like this.

And we all got to eat cake! weheee!

The next day we went out for some ice cream

And then to the playground where you quickly friended another girl

Together you made a birthday cake out of the gravel on the floor and used a rose as a candle.

This got me thinking about a social tool you had been broadly using a couple of months ago , the infamous phrase: "(No) te voy a invitar a mi fiesta de cumpleaƱos".  You had been using both the positive and negative forms of this phrase as a way to offer companionship and acceptance or momentary rejection when you were upset or sad.  You had even used it to try to get others to do your bidding.  It was a testament to the fact the learning often involves opposites - that is the skill of connection through friendship and its opposite: exclusion. The point is, I have noticed you have used this phrase a lot less of lately and I have seen you come up with more cooperative ways of interacting, like you did this past weekend.  This is a certain sign of maturity for which I am grateful today.  

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