Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not So Sick Day

Last Monday you complained (a lot) about your tummy hurting, so we let you stay home from school.  You said you wanted to lay down so I read you a story and left you in your bed.  A few minutes later I started to hear small noises coming from your room and then some more a bit louder.  I suspected what was going on, so I tipped toed in (armed with my camera) and...

Love the look of surprise (and dare I say bits of guilt) on you face :P

I asked you if you felt any better and you said yes, as you proceeded to invite me to join you in dance
Then you asked if we could go outside and play... pretty please

How could I say no to this face?

So you rode your bike

Put some flowers in your hair

And played hide and seek

Some sick day!  
This is why my dad always told us: "Si no veo sangre, van a la escuela" ;)

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