Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where the Fun Is

I have read that children at the age of 3 have more energy than at any other time in their life span and I really do not know how this is measured or tested scientifically, but one thing is for sure, you certainly have way more energy that your weary (older) parents.

Luckily one thing that comes along with that energy is  a desire to help and a "can do" attitude that makes it that much manageable.

A couple of Sundays ago you helped us prepare lunch

Baking is by far your favorite, for obvious reasons...

You also really enjoy doing the dishes.  

It never ceases to amaze me how you are far more interested in the doing itself than in actually finishing up with the task at hand.  I think you must have spent close to 40 minutes with the dishes and there were only a few in the sink.

I am constantly reminded of the principle of enjoying the moment whenever I am with you. You have taught me so much more about this than all the yoga sessions I have been to ;) 

And granted, sometimes it is fun to go the store and enjoy the smells, textures, colors and feelings; to play hide and seek in the aisles and to try to find out if there is anything new on the shelves. But other times... we just gotta run.   So I promise I will try to ease you into keeping focused on the end game (so that you can enjoy the accomplishment of objectives) and I will continue to make sure we find the time to enjoy the process so that I don't end up squeezing the all the fun out of life. 

Back to that Sunday...
As soon as we started in on the salad you found better things to do
Bubbles in the backyard

and practicing photography

I really like this one you took of Dad, as he is taking one of you. 

Finally, a celebratory fist pump for a job well done!

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