Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Arts, Sports & Eating Out

Ever since you joined Theater class face painting has become one of your favorite activities, so we got you a face painting kit which has been hugely successful. You paint your face, your arms and legs and then you move on to my face.

I love your look of concentration

And how about all them colors on my face?

You asked for a "antifaz" because you wanted to be a "superheroina"

But it had to have some pink in it

You did not approve of the job I was doing so you finished it yourself 
You really love arting in all its shapes and forms.

Sports, on the other hand, have proven to be elusive (with the clear exception of swimming).
Yeah you go to soccer class but its the same day as art class and you are always trying to talk your teachers into letting you pull a switcharoo.  Next term, we will only enroll you in the arts and hopefully find a swimming academy somewhere in town, but until then... Go Juli, Go!

Setting up the kick - its funny because sometimes you will stop in front of the ball and find the perfect placement for it on the grass  - with your hands ;P

May be you would have liked it more if you were not the only girl (can you believe it???)  in class... because when you are out there you do seem to enjoy it.

This kills me, all the little kids chasing the ball at once. It never gets old. 
And check out the goalie it looks like he is holding on to that pole for dear life.

Stretching after such strenuous exercise.

The one other activity that in your particular case counts as a hobby is eating out. 
An example: 

Me:  Julis today es el dia del niƱo in Ecuador. Que te gustaria hacer para celebrar?
Julis: Como que mama?
Me: Ir a la jugueteria a escoger un juguete, ir al play o jugar lo que tu quieras en la casa. Que te gustaria?
Julis: Podemos ir a comer a un restaurante?
Me: PLOP! 

Happily, this weekend we found a terrific italian restaurant that is very close by: Il Carmine.
The food was outstanding, the views beautiful and the service was very professional. 

Not to mention that the Profiteroles were finger licking good!

Excited about the playground there.

Which had a Tarabita, which is like a single line Canopy

The inclination makes it gather quite a bit of speed and then at the end there are two tires which result in an abrupt stop.

The classics give you the tickles too.

Today I am grateful for simple and yummy family outings.

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