Monday, June 6, 2011

Dance like no one is Looking

Julis you killed us this weekend!
First you asked your Dad to help you put on this red dress Tia Fini gave you for Xmas and then asked him to put Rio's trailer on the Apple TV.

The film is pretty dark, but still definitely worth archiving and sharing.

You must have asked us to play it for you like 6 times!

Also this past week you started your very first canvas art

You started by painting the sides of the canvas, which I thought was very cool.  And you learned how to make pink.

We sat down together and both started our own. I promised I would put yours in my bedroom and you promised you would put mine in yours (we will post final results when we have them)

This weekend we went for another great lunch at Il Carmine
...somebody come visit us so we can share this place with you ;)

There is a slide that is covered by bushes and flowers. Here you are coming out of the slide.

Went on the Tarabita like a dozen times. You have learned how to get on, get off and carry the tarabita all by yourself.

Even I got in on the fun

Dad did some climbing too

I don't think I have told you yet, but I absolutely love all your "muecas". This is your typical I am sooo excited look.

Today I am grateful for all the smiles, pouts, ojos de vaca triste, caras "gruniosas" y demas.


  1. Adorable!

    Kisses to all three of you.

    BTW I love your new banner and blog design! Very pretty.


  2. Ill be there soon, so you can take me to the restaurant.. cant wait for that and a live samba show! ;) Love ya!

  3. Me mató el entusiasmo y su pasión con la samba, me daban ganas de comermela a besos!! Esa sangre portuguesa del Moreira le llega al alma!!!

    La fan #1, abuelita Emy


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