Friday, June 24, 2011

School's Out!

It has been a rough start of the year, because even though you have liked your new school well enough, you miss your family, friends and nanny. At least twice a week you will ask me when we are going back to CR and when I say  we will go there during your vacation, you ask if we can stay there as long as we have stayed here in Ecuador (ouch!).

There are many benefits of you coming in contact with a different culture and still, I cant help but worry that this will get in the way of you establishing strong and lasting bonds with others, for fear they wont last.

I am going to choose to trust your openness to new situations and your willingness to start up a conversation to get you through.  And I will do my best to help you maintain contact with those who are no longer close (even though I myself suck at this).

In any case, you have also had a good time in your new surroundings and with new people:

Experimenting with color and water guided by Tia Maria, who you now copy by inserting an "Aja" every time you finish a sentence aja...

Registering what happens with the experiment 
(the white flower absorbs through its stem the color, turning light blue) 

This is your other Tia (Teacher) Belen, with Isaac, Ma Leticia and Jose Thomas.
She is very affectionate and kisses and hugs you everyday.

At the Gym

This were your classmates this year:  starting with Gabriel (spidey), Wilhem, Ma Leticia, Isabela, You, Valentina, Emilia, Jose Thomas, Isaac, Sam y Carlos Javier.

Planting some flowers

Tree climbing and


And singing songs...
these are the lyrics, as I understand them when you sing it, of the end of the day song:

Un amigo es, el que te hace pata y para las balas
Un amigo es, el abrazo a tiempo, la palabra justa en buenos y malos momentos
Los amigos son, tu mejor mitad, la del corazón, el que esta ahí sin que tu lo esperes.

And at the end of the song you pick a friend to hug.  
I think its a great way to finish your school day everyday.

Pumpkin House was your classroom this year. 
I really like the fact that the classrooms are all glass and you have a constant view of the gardens and  lots of natural light.
Next year you will be off to Space House.

As a year end activity, each classroom picked a book and each worked for a week transforming the classroom into that book.  
Your class picked Where the Wild Things Are (one of your favorite books)

You each made your own monster

The yellow one in the corner is yours

And your own firefly

And a moster claw

And even a monsters disguise
You really enjoyed the week and thought year end was awesome!

Today, you are officially on vacation. We will go swimming, check out a movie and enjoy the first day off.  In a weeks time we will be visiting Tita in Miami and in a months time in Costa Rica.

Today, I am grateful that even though you can get a bit melancholic now and then, you have made the most out of opportunities to have fun and to learn. And most importantly you have found people who care for you.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us and for making lemonade. Love you!


  1. Meli, Julia's school is awesome!

    I think it is normal for you to worry what effect the move will have on Julia, but I also think that just because there is a physical distance between her CR bonds (and one day possibly distance with her Ecuador bonds) doesn't mean they cannot not last!

    We can have friends everywhere we go!

    Enjoy summer. It's my favorite time of the year (ours starts in one week. Yay!)

  2. So true Deni and yeah I sooo love her school and their approach to discovery more than teaching. Hope you have a great summer too! Busy but great :)


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