Monday, July 25, 2011


Quito boasts the highest active volcano in the world: the Cotopaxi Volcano (5,897m).

It looks amazing from the highways and valleys of Quito. 

It took your breath away the first time you saw it and as soon as you recovered you let out a scream: NIEVE! NIEEEEEVEEEEEEE!!!!

So we finally got around to making the trip this past Saturday and were joined by the Jervis triplets.

This is the volcanos lagoon, where
you discovered that it was really really muddy next to the water.

You were not too happy about the mess in your shoes.

Enjoying the coldest picnic I have ever had.

Finally the moment you had been anticipating: 
Your first feel of the snow.

You loved it... and kept climbing up and down the mountain to play and fall on it.

It was an unusually cold day - 2°C, but easily -7°C with the windchill. 
So we threw one of your Dads sweaters on top of your clothes.

Which made you look a little like an oompa loompa.

I kept following you and asking "do you want your gloves now?"
"No Mommy" was your response over and over again.

Okey Dokey then...those red things in my hands are your gloves.

Unfortunately, it was so cold we could not stay very long, so as soon as your shoes, socks, pants and underwear were completely soaked we decided to leave - ok change you first and then leave ;) 
It was a real fun adventure and you really enjoyed yourself.

Your Dad and I enjoyed the quiet ride back home as we day dreamed about our next trip to Colorado with you in tow ;)

Today I am grateful for all the firsts you have had so far and all those that are still to come.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

90th BDay Getty

On July 4th your bisabu Julio turned 90 and in celebration most of the Amado Ramirez clan got together in Orlando for a weeks' worth of patronales. There were 30 of us, staying in three rented houses, where early mornings and late nites where the norm, even for you :)

Tio Qco outdid himself (as usual) and got us all T Shirts. In the red heart you will find the name of all the Amado Ramirez and the "parches".

Tus Tios Abuelos (je je je je) that sounds sooo old (to me). 
Aren't they all a great looking bunch?

The birthday boy and his best girl, enjoying the mariachis that were part of the celebration.

Check out all those candles!!  
What I love most about these two is that they both are still willing and able to learn all kinds of new stuff.  Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks did not have Bisabu Pipon and Yolibu in mind. They each have their own kindle, they share an email address, they travel at least twice a year and they never leave their laptop at home, otherwise it would be hard to keep up with current events in 4 countries at the same time. 
They each have had their medical challenges through the years and have faced them with courage and grace.  But most importantly, they have done all of this TOGETHER - I think this is the source of all their secret powers!

 I can only hope I make it to my 90th and 88th respectively surrounded by so much love and loud crazy laughter as these two have. It has been a privilege for me to have known such wonderful people so well and for so long. And today I am grateful for every additional day they are here with us.

We had a great time and enjoyed a lot of bonding over telefunken, dominoes, boggle, golf, shopping, late night chats and of course a lot of food!
Kite flying was another great bonding activity.  Juanch brought a kite to teach you how to fly it.  Needless to say you enjoyed it throughly.  Thanks primo you are a sweetheart!

Most of your time was spent at the pool
with Tere and Gaby.

You LOVED spending time with them and came home with a renewed interest in English - constantly asking "Mommy how do you say _____ in English?"  - and a renewed longing to have family nearby.

We also took you to Sea World again since you loved it so much last time.

 The first place you wanted to go: Manta Rays

Next stop: Roller Coaster!

This time around it was summer, so there was water fun to be had 

even with ill prepared parents :O

The word FUN falls a little short of what you had.

Mid afternoon it started raining cats and dogs.
Me: Julis you want to go home or stay?
You: what would we stay for?
Me: We haven't seen the sharks yet.
  You: Let's stay (big wet smile)!

Into the gift shop we went to buy some ponchos

Escaping the rain for a bit in the Artic exhibit and stealing a smooch.

This visit ended very much like the last one: exhausted and happy, perhaps just a little wetter.

After a great week in Orlando, we went to Miami to spend some more time with those who live there.
Hanging with Tita on her couch

Tita and Tio Andrew gifted you this spidergirl costume, which you thought rocked.
I personally love the boots!

They also gifted you some brand new face paints, which you immediately put to use. As people starting waking up they were quickly ushered to the make up corner. 
Abuelito was your second victim (I was your 1st).

Then came Abuelita Emy.

We spent a day at parrot jungle

and celebrated Tio Renes Bday 

Inevitably, this leg of our vacation had to come to an end.

When we got to Quito, I placed the picture Yolibu gave us from Bisabu on our dresser, while we got a frame for it, but the next morning it was gone...  

You totally snatched it and put it on your dresser against a frame you had made in school.
When I asked why? You replied: "por que lo quiero ver todos los dias" 
So it is still in your bedroom.

Today, I am extremely grateful for this bunch of eclectic and deeply bonded group of people we call FAMILY and for the hole-in-one I sank on the 18th at Kings Ridge golf course to win the match ;P

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