Monday, July 25, 2011


Quito boasts the highest active volcano in the world: the Cotopaxi Volcano (5,897m).

It looks amazing from the highways and valleys of Quito. 

It took your breath away the first time you saw it and as soon as you recovered you let out a scream: NIEVE! NIEEEEEVEEEEEEE!!!!

So we finally got around to making the trip this past Saturday and were joined by the Jervis triplets.

This is the volcanos lagoon, where
you discovered that it was really really muddy next to the water.

You were not too happy about the mess in your shoes.

Enjoying the coldest picnic I have ever had.

Finally the moment you had been anticipating: 
Your first feel of the snow.

You loved it... and kept climbing up and down the mountain to play and fall on it.

It was an unusually cold day - 2°C, but easily -7°C with the windchill. 
So we threw one of your Dads sweaters on top of your clothes.

Which made you look a little like an oompa loompa.

I kept following you and asking "do you want your gloves now?"
"No Mommy" was your response over and over again.

Okey Dokey then...those red things in my hands are your gloves.

Unfortunately, it was so cold we could not stay very long, so as soon as your shoes, socks, pants and underwear were completely soaked we decided to leave - ok change you first and then leave ;) 
It was a real fun adventure and you really enjoyed yourself.

Your Dad and I enjoyed the quiet ride back home as we day dreamed about our next trip to Colorado with you in tow ;)

Today I am grateful for all the firsts you have had so far and all those that are still to come.

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