Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer @ Quito

Summer break started in July and goes until September, so we had a couple of weeks to kill here before going to CR, here are a few outings.

This is one of your favorite rutines.  Lunch at soups and salad.

The tomato soup is your fave.

And then off to Iomi for some smooth yogurt with suspiros and chocolate.

You gobble up your yogurt so quickly, you invariably get brain freeze and run to the bench to warm yourself up in the sun ;P 

This summer we have been to the movies to see: 
Cars 2  - actually you got bored and we walked out in the middle of the movie
 Zookeeper - you thought the talking animals rocked! 
and Penguin Dad which out of the three you liked the best, you even clapped at the end of it.

We have been swimming every other day and bike riding almost every day. 

You also bowled for the first time ever this summer and enjoyed it a lot:
"Vamos a destruir los conos!!!" you screamed when we went for the second time.

No habían zapatos de tu tamaño así que te dejaron jugar con los tuyos y papa te ayudo a cargar y tirar la bola.

Celebración después de primera chuza

I taught you how to play, take pictures and use face time on my I phone.  
There are actually some really cool learning games (Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and Preschool Adventure) that you use regularly and I would recommend. At the moment you use the I Phone more than me and insist on calling your Dad on Skype whenever he is in another room in the house.

We BBQed with some friends this weekend

And you got to play dress up with Luciana and Xime.

Remind me when you read this to tell you a very memorable story about this day 
(it is not for public consumption so just ask)

After a few beers they broke out the Karaoke and soon enough you girls were giving us a show.

You also went to summer camp for a couple of weeks and I will post pictures at a later date, cause right now we gotta get ready for our trip home tomorrow (yipeeee!)
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