Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Endings and New Begginings

Well the impromptu visit of your grandparents is over and you miss them.

It was a lot of fun playing in the jacuzzi

and hanging out with abuelita

And watching movies and riding your bike with abuelo.

On the morning the abuelo was leaving and as we are dropping you off to school, you took your fake phone out of your purse and informed us that you would be calling the planes pilot  to tell him to leave  immediately, "this way you will miss your plane abuelo and have to stay". 

I am very happy they were able to visit, very happy you got to strengthen your bond with them and happy that you love them enough to miss them a lot. A happy ending in my book.

Fortunately, November is just around the corner and we will enjoy their company again then, as well as Tita and Andrews', the coup de grace would be if the Moreira Vial clan would make it too ;) 

On Sept 9th we celebrated your Dads 34th. This is the first year you really get into the celebrating of someone else's birthday.

You worked really hard at making this painting for him (over a period of three days) and I helped you wrap it.  
The anticipation was driving you nuts and you wanted to give him your present the night before. We asked you to wait and put you to bed; but you walked over to our bedroom in the middle of the night with your pillow in one hand and Dads gift in the other. He loved his gift, which now hangs in his office.

Happy Birthday Dad.  We love you.

Ah the start of a new school year.
I love brand newness.
Brand new uniforms, books, shoes and brand new friends too!
Here's hoping its a great year for you my love.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Time to record another first in your life. Your first hospitalization.
Yes, I wish it had come at a much later date, but like your Dad likes to remind me good luck, bad luck who knows?
Upon returning from our vacation you started complaining of a very bad headache and developed a fever. We took you to the doctors office at 10am on Monday Aug 29th.

And this was you at 11:30 am: already hospitalized; awaiting for your breakfast to be completely digested, so you could be given the anesthesia for a lumbar puncture.

You were in pain and lethargic. 
Your Dad and I were besides ourselves.

Life has dealt me my fair share of scary moments; but sweetie, I have never been as scared as I was that day at the hospital. I had two overpowering feelings that still make my eyes water, FEAR and LOVE.

By 2 pm you were out of the lumbar puncture and an hour later we had confirmation that you had meningitis. More tests would have to be performed to determine whether it was viral or bacterial meningitis, but the liquid extracted during the puncture had already relieved much of the pressure in your head and you were already looking better.

Your Dad and I took turns laying next to you on your hospital bed.

The next morning you started to smile.
That morning, I took what felt like my first breath.

You were improving quickly just with the anti inflammation medication, which suggested you had the less dangerous viral meningitis, which was later confirmed beyond a doubt.

Your Grandma Emy and Grandpa surprised you by flying into Quito to care for you and your stressed out parents ;)

Your spirits improved even more that day. 
Thank you mom and dad for always being there <3.

By Wednesday, you were back to your old self and we were simply ecstatic. 
Even though we still worry that there may be some residual effects from this illness, we are hopeful they will be temporary.

Today I am grateful for our health (in whichever shape it is) because it allows us to enjoy each other one more day.

I am also grateful for all the songs you like to make up.
I love you.

Summer @ CR

This summer we were able to spend 3 weeks in Costa Rica.
As we are coming in for the landing you got so excited you started screaming: "mira mama, mira...  el mejor pais del mundo!".
Y como no? Si es aqui donde esta la gente que mas quieres.

Playing dominoes with Grandma early in the morning

She also took you shopping and you picked out this dress 

and these shiny sandals too.

You spent a lot of time with Abuelita Vera who has amazing strength and is getting better everyday.

Got your nails done with Tia Nena,

as well as built houses and played wolf to your hearts content

You got to hang out with your cousins
Those you look up to like Tere

and Sarah.

And those who look up to you like Amelia,

who calls you Yuuu and follows you around much like you follow Tere around.

One of the things you miss the most about Costa Rica are your friends.  You were born into this great neighborhood where you had friends you spent time with every day.  Renata and Constanza were your closest friends in the hood, in fact I have a clear memory of you waking up and crawling to the balcony and screaming "enata!!! enata!!!!", in fact  "enata" was one of the first words you ever uttered.  
We have come to realize that they were the closest thing to a sibling you have ever had and it is no wonder you miss them so much :(

So it was great to see all of you re unite.
Bella, Tu, Cons, Tuchis y Dieguito

En el brinca de la casa de los abuelos con las chicas

Todas con la misma expresión ;)

Han crecido tanto todas!  
(sniff sniff...ya me puse melancólica)

Tambien vimos a Derek y a Giuli.
Me encanta que seas amiga de los hijos de mi amigo de la infancia, le da una continuidad a la vida que es simplemente maravillosa.
Siempre que se ven gozan parejo!

We enjoyed some time at the beach with Abuelita Emy and Abuelito. You had a blast and I left the camera :(

Gone are the days when I could talk you into resting indoors from 11am to 2pm to shield you from the heavy sun. Gone too, are the days when I could talk you into taking a nap. This time around you would not leave the water and by the end of the day you barely made it through dinner. 

One night you didn't make it all...

It was a great summer! 
Today I am grateful for family, friends and sunny days.
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