Sunday, October 30, 2011

Party Anyone?

October has been pretty busy in your social calendar.

Avi's Birthday.  Avi has Indian and Peruvian backgrounds, but was born in Costa Rica ;) where his parents lived for 5 years before moving to Quito this year. To the left of Avi is Antoine who is French and has been here since last year. 

You got this really cool ring from the pinata at Eithan's birthday.  
When I asked if it was an emerald ring you said: No! It is a diamond ring Mom (bling!)

Leandro had a pool party. Need I say more?

Then we have the regularly scheduled BBQ with your Dads office crowd. 
One at our place.

Where you hosted Martina and Luciana.
Love that you wanted to wear your Costa Rica dress.

And the other a Colorados place.
With Rafaela and Lana

and Ximena. 

Colorado was nice enough to let you use his drum set

Check it out Tio Xavi: lo que se hereda no se hurta!

Finally, what will october be without Halloween

From L to R: Eithan, Gabriel, Spidergirl (thanks Tita for the cool cosutme!), Ana Victoria and Naomi

Con la Sofi 

Trying out some of Spideys moves

With the wicked witch of the west ;P

Today I am grateful for candy! wohooo!

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