Friday, October 7, 2011

Twinkle Toes

We checked out a new place last weekend, its called Hosteria San Jose. Hosterias are very common place here in Ecuador, they are a combination of hotel, meeting place and park.

It has a great playground, indoor pool and 

horses! It was a good way to spend a day out and about.

Las week we also visited your Dads office for the first time. You had been asking us to take you for a while and just had not gotten around to it yet.

Your Dad took us on a tour of the operation floor and were introduced to many of his co workers. We even had lunch at the cafeteria. You were very impressed :)

Every night before your bedtime story, I ask you what your favorite thing of that day was and then we thank God for it. That day you grinned real big and said visiting my Dads office!! 

This new school year you have chosen ballet as an extra curricular activity. 
Its your second go at it. Last time you opted out because you did not like been told how to dance.  Two things have changed since then: the ballet teacher introduced a period of free dance in the class with music from all kinds of cultures and all kinds of rhythms, which you love. And you are more open to instruction now. 
You are loving it. 

So much so that for your birthday this year you have chosen a ballet tea party, instead of the princess theme you had been taking about for the last 6 months.

So let the party preparations begin!  

You get your mike (gracias Kicks por el regalo!) and dancing shoes on 
and I will ready everything else for your big day!

You know, I was never much into dancing when I was a kid. In fact, I was forever asking my mom if I could trade ballet for karate ;) .  But watching you do it makes me realize dancing allows you to simultaneously move, think, and feel. It gives you the opportunity to make creative decisions and communicate from a very young age. After all, as soon as you turn a strong beat on in the presence of a baby, most will bounce up and down and sway to the rhythm. All kids are born artists and its fantastic!

So today I am grateful for your grooviness. 

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